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Web Design and Web Development Services in Seaford


Welcome to 7SWEB, your premier choice for professional and cost-effective web development and web design services based in Seaford. My name is Tim Schofield. With over 12 years of commercial experience in .NET, I am your local web development and web design specialist, crafting bespoke web applications and websites to meet your business objectives and requirements.


Comprehensive Web Development Services


At 7SWEB, we combine extensive technical knowledge with the ability to solve complex challenges. Whether you require a basic website designed with HTML and CSS, a dynamic web application built with a CMS like WordPress or Umbraco, or need to create a custom web application utilising advanced technologies, we're equipped to deliver precisely what you need. We are proficient in a multitude of development languages, frameworks, and cloud platforms, including C#, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Xamarin, Java, VB.Net, MVC, MVVM, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean, and AWS.



Bespoke Web Design Solutions


Recognising that every business has unique needs, we offer a personalised approach for each project we undertake. By working closely with you, we gain insight into your requirements and develop a tailored web design and development solution that caters to your specifications. Our primary objective is to create top-quality projects that align seamlessly with your vision.



End-to-End Web Solutions: Hosting, Maintenance


Choose 7SWEB for a hassle-free experience. We manage all aspects of your project, from hosting and domain name setup to maintenance and upgrades, freeing you to focus on running your business. Don't hesitate to contact us today to discuss your project and learn how our Seaford-based web development and design services can help you achieve your goals.


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