Mobile Crypto Portfolio

Open-Source Xamarin Crypto Asset Portfolio Tracker


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Introducing an open-source, lightweight, ad-free mobile crypto asset portfolio tracker that securely stores all your cryptocurrency portfolios on your Android/IOS device. Developed with Xamarin, this application allows you to enjoy the flexibility of adding multiple portfolios, viewing them individually or collectively to see the current prices and aggregate value of all holdings.

The app fetches real-time price data from an open-source API available at, which updates every 2 minutes. The API call returns a JSON file containing the static prices at that moment, ensuring efficient handling of a large number of clients simultaneously.


Crypto Asset Viewing

Users can sort coin prices by top performers over the last 7 days, 24 hours, coin name, current value, or coin ranking. The app accommodates both portrait and landscape views on all screens.


Adding a Portfolio

To create a new portfolio, simply tap "Add Portfolio" on the main screen and enter a name for your new portfolio in the popup. The newly created portfolio will appear in the list below, with options to view or delete.


Adding a Purchase Transaction

Tap the 'add' button next to the desired coin, select 'buy,' and enter the amount. You can then set the date and time before confirming with the 'ok' button


Adding a Sale Transaction

For selling, follow the same process as purchasing, but select 'sell' instead of 'buy.'


Viewing All Portfolios

This feature aggregates all coins from every portfolio for a comprehensive overview.


Device Compatibility

The app supports both landscape and portrait orientations and adapts to various device sizes for an optimal user experience.







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