Crypto Portfolio


An open-source cryptocurrency portfolio tracker that empowers users to manage and monitor multiple portfolios of coins with ease. Designed with transparency, security, and privacy in mind, this tool ensures a trustworthy and convenient experience for tracking your digital assets. Made with .Net core web API and Angular 8 frontend. 



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Portfolio Desktop Cryptocurency Portfolio Main Screen Mobile View




  • Access information on the top 200 digital currencies
  • Monitor value fluctuations over 1 hour, 24 hours, and 7 days
  • Optimal display on various screen sizes, including mobile and desktop (using Bootstrap)
  • Automatic price updates every 2 minutes
  • User registration functionality
  • Login and logout capabilities
  • Creation of new investment portfolios
  • Portfolio viewing and management
  • Adding digital currencies to a portfolio
  • Recording new buy and sell transactions
  • Visual representation of portfolio allocation through pie charts
  • Overview of the total value across all portfolios
  • Aggregated value of all digital currencies in every portfolio
  • Fear and Greed Index sourced from
  • Price data obtained from -


Upcoming Features:


  • View transactions sorted by portfolio or digital currency
  • Sort by price change, value, or circulating supply
  • Customizable price alerts and notifications


Technologies, Frameworks, and Languages Used:



  • .Net Core

    • Entity Framework for database management
    • Postman for testing API calls and responses
    • Price updates every two minutes using the API
    • Secure user registration and login with salt and hashing


  • Angular 8

    • TypeScript programming language
    • ChartJS for displaying pie charts
    • CSS for styling
    • Bootstrap for responsive design on mobile and desktop devices
    • Ngx Bootstrap for date pickers and button selectors
    • Alertifyjs for login notifications and successful registration messages
    • Multi-browser compatibility, tested on Chrome, Brave, Firefox, and Safari





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