ChatGPT May 24th Version

Harnessing the Capabilities of ChatGPT May 24th Version: From Web Browsing to Video Summarization


The world of AI continues to evolve, bringing forward new tools and solutions that are revolutionizing the digital landscape. One of these tools is OpenAI's ChatGPT, and the latest version, released on May 24th, has made significant strides in enhancing its usability and effectiveness, offering features that go beyond traditional text generation.



The Progression of ChatGPT


ChatGPT, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is an advanced conversational AI model that's been trained on a plethora of internet text. This training enables it to generate responses that mimic human conversation, understand various prompts, and provide detailed answers to an array of questions. It's also adept at creating a diverse range of content, from simple text responses to creative pieces like stories and poetry. But, the capabilities of the May 24th version extend even further.



Exploring the Web with Bing


A standout feature of the ChatGPT May 24th version is its ability to 'browse' the internet using Bing. The model can issue search queries, read search results, click on search results to view full page contents, store relevant information, and scroll through pages. This opens up a wealth of possibilities, including accessing recent information not included in the model's training data, and summarising specific web pages during a conversation.

However, the beta version of this browsing feature is not without its limitations. For instance, I tried to use ChatGPT to search for the five latest tech stories. While the model was able to navigate several websites and execute the search, it did not always yield the most recent stories (see images and examples included in the blog post). I attempted to tweak the search parameters, but experienced similar results. Despite this, the browsing feature holds significant potential and will likely improve as it moves out of beta.



This image shows what sites it read and in what order

web search image chatgpt


the results need some improvement.

chatgpt results of latest tecnology use



Enhancing Functionality with Plugins


OpenAI has introduced the concept of plugins in the ChatGPT May 24th version. These are specialised tools or functions that enhance the capabilities of the AI, enabling it to perform specific tasks that go beyond text generation.


The ChatWithVideo Video Summariser


One such plugin is the ChatWithVideo summariser. This unique tool allows ChatGPT to process the transcript of a YouTube video and produce a brief summary. The summariser can prove extremely beneficial for users who wish to understand the gist of a video without investing the time to watch it in full. In my experience, the ChatWithVideo summariser effectively condensed the content of several videos into bullet points, offering a quick and easy way to grasp the key points of a video, see response below to a youtube video from wall stree journal titled "How Nvidia's Stock Soared Amid AI Extinction Risk Warnings | WSJ Tech News Briefing.



chat with video chatGPT response



Revolutionising News Digestion with the "Web Pilot" Plugin


The "Web Pilot" plugin is another innovative addition that enhances ChatGPT's ability to browse and summarise content from the web. It enables the AI to provide concise summaries of news from multiple sources in a cohesive and comprehensive manner.

For instance, I tasked the plugin with summarising the latest tech news from,, and The response was impressive, as it quickly provided a thorough summary of the latest tech news across these platforms




latest tech news response from chatGPT



Embracing the Future of AI


With these innovative advancements, the ChatGPT May 24th version is redefining the boundaries of human and AI interaction. Whether it's navigating the internet or condensing the content of a video, this latest iteration of the GPT series is enhancing user engagement and productivity in ways we've never seen before.







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